Roy Oron

PLUS Ventures

Roy is Partner at PLUS Ventures. He has over 12 years of vast experience in international sales and business development. Roy was a former VP at AOL Inc. & Israel Country Manager. He was also a Committee member & Mentor at Microsoft. Furthermore, Roy is a Mentor at IDC Zell Entrepreneurship program. Investing in early-stage start-ups and working with the founders “hands-on” is my passion and where all my skills and vast experience are best come at play. I live and breath the start-up world – started in a boot-strapped start-up in a garage with only a hand-full of people, I was running the whole business side, which eventually got us acquired. Moved on to a corporate bizdev position at AOL, where I also “invented” and made happen the most successful acquisition done by AOL in a long time (5min Media now Aol On). I’m a results driven executive in Business Development and Sales, mainly with Internet and Software companies (all the way from start-ups to fortune 500 and publicly trading companies). I’ve been focusing on executive positions where leadership and inspiration, strong business development, partners’ affairs skills, and rich experience are translated into breakthrough results for us and for our portfolio companies.