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Europe’s fast-growing tech startups come together with international investors and enterprise innovators at Capital On Stage. Founders attending have the opportunity to make meaningful connections and jumpstart their growth and funding process.

We want to empower startups in search of funding. How? We flip the tables by having international investors pitch on stage and giving founders the ability to meet with the investors of their choice.

Getting in


Create your company profile in fundsUP and apply for the event of your choice.


In just a few steps, fill in your profile with the information that investors need to see. Your pitch deck is required, which will also come in handy during your private investor meetings.


We will review your application within 7 days. Startups who are not suitable for meeting with investors and do not fit the criteria, will not be approved.


Once the application has been approved, you will receive a link to purchase your tickets. Since the amount of participants is limited, we recommend claiming your spot early on.


One week prior to the event, you will be asked to rank your top-preference investors. We will set up the meetings for you by using our matchmaking touch. We guarantee a minimum of two private meetings with investors.


Spend the day with international investors and innovators, make meaningful connections and accelerate your funding process!


  • Meet

    With an informal setting like this, you can meet everyone from startup founders, to Venture Capital partners and Enterprise innovators. Whether it’s over coffee, lunch or drinks - the amount of connections open to you are endless.

  • Learn

    As a founder, there is no time to waste and you must always be learning. What better way to do that than spend a full day with fellow innovators? Get founder-to-founder advice, find potential collaborators, hear the thoughts of experienced investors.

  • Challenge

    It’s not simple having back to back investor meetings. To make this easier, we have the investors pitch to you beforehand to give you a clearer picture of who they are and what they’re looking for. Make sure you’ve nailed down your pitch and come prepared to answer some tough questions.

  • Innovate

    Ideas are meant to be shared - especially when in an innovative surrounding. Come to get inspired, receive professional feedback and share your insights with others. Best of all, use this opportunity to strengthen your business model and grow.

Interested ?

If you are a startup founder currently looking for investment, start getting matches now by creating your fundsUP profile.


  • The team behind fundsUP and Capital On Stage are experts at successfully matching me with relevant leads to investable founders. I rely on them for a good part of our company’s deal discovery, so I can skip the flirting stage for our early-stage investments.

  • COS is a very lean, well organized and open-minded conference. It’s a nice set up.