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Loyens & Loeff


As a host for the third time in the Netherlands, we're now very much looking forward to do this in other countries as well. For us it is a good way to connect with the startup community to show them what we
have to offer.


  • 36

    1 on 1 meetings

  • 51

    Investors on stage

  • 312

    Company founders attending

  • Because of the success of the previous editions in Amsterdam, we’re partnering with Capital On Stage for the third time now. Entrepreneurship and innovation are key values within our organisation which we also recognise in Capital On Stage.



Pension is a product with low interest. Our mission statement is to bring the concept of pension closer to the people. To increase pension awareness. We provide pension insight through an app and a portal. Therefore our clients need to log in and make choices to improve their pension position


  • 12

    Industry specific startups in round table

  • 25%

    Of the ideas generated were useful

  • 16%

    Of the Ideas are implemented in BeFrank organisation

  • We were able to find new alternatives with the startup to improve our services. With one of them we’re actually doing business with.



The projects we are working on are mainly focussed on enchancing the digital travel journey. What we want to achieve, is to make travelling hassle free and enable that by new technologies.


  • 20

    Founders participating in round table

  • 12

    Individual 1 on 1 meetings with selected growing tech companies

  • 8%

    Partnership rate as a result

  • We’re working with Capital On Stage because they enable us to find out in one day, what tech savvy scale-ups can mean to us. But also, what we can mean to them.



OHRA is only active in the consumer market. Suppose we want to expand to B2B as well. What are the needs of start/scale-ups when it comes to insurances?


  • 15%

    Of the ideas are actually implemented in the OHRA organisation

  • 12

    Individual 1 on 1 meetings with growing tech startups

  • 25%

    Of the ideas at the round table session could be implemented

  • We attended the enterprise program to keep track of what is going on in the world. Society is changing and startups drive this change. They help us to stay ahead. We’re constantly learning.

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Our Global Startup Network (of 15K startups) consists of companies from all over the world. Each Startup company goes through a rigorous selection process before they're allowed admission. You and your company can benefit from this by participating in our enterprise engagement program. Join the flagship events, organise deep dive sessions at your office, or be a mentor.