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Ivanel Perez Bolivar

Founder & CEO

Ivanel is an Electronic Engineer, Design Thinking Consultant, Human-Centered Service & Experience designer, Radio broadcaster, Storyteller, with a passion for understand, empathize and connect with people.

She works in the intersection of business design, creative processes and innovation, to create added-value for users. Enjoys to be surrounded by multidisciplinary teams and performs creative experiments where human's ingenuity becomes the protagonist. Hacker of process and systems, part of the group of people that is re-designing how things are done, re-inventing the world around us.

Good humor's evangelist. That line that makes you think, without realizing you're thinking.

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Sella Masselink


Sella has been working as a consumer scientist within Unilever for 5 years. She is now applying her experience in consumer understanding to the field of Innovation and Service Design. 

She is currently a Partner @Dreamkers; an Innovation Studio focused in designing extraordinary services and meaningful experiences (user-centered) for companies and startups. Their philosophy is to surprise as much as they can, and strengthen the relationship between companies and users.

Main fields of interest are:
Service Design, User Experience (UX), Behaviour Change, Innovation, Lean Startup, Gamification, Neuropsychology & Positive Psychology

Dreamkers is an Innovation Studio focused in design extraordinary services and meaningful experiences (user-centered) for companies and startups. They also work with entrepreneurs, shaping their business model, co-creating with them their value proposition and the strategies to make it happen.

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