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Cottonwood Technology Fund

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Ray Quintana

General Partner

 Ray is an investment professional with 20+ years experience in global technology assessment, corporate venturing and venture capital investment. He has been a prior partner and principle investor with Ascendant Global Technology & Total Media Ventures.

Ray has also served in senior strategy & corporate development roles for global technology companies, Texas Instruments and Robert Bosch Corporation. In these positions he led competency driven global corporate strategy development; corporate venturing, global mergers & acquisitions of companies and enabling technology, expansion of global footprints; expansion of product lines and development of new products and product portfolios.

Ray holds a MBA from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business and served as a CGMS Fellow.

Cottonwood Technology Funds (CTF) are seed and pre-seed-stage technology commercialization funds with offices in New Mexico, USA and Enschede, The Netherlands. The general partner of the funds has proven itself with top returns in regions rich in innovation but lacking in capital and management — the other critical resources for enabling success. CTF works to provide venture services and capital to tech transfer opportunities with strong commercial potential.

CTF’s Northern European region includes Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. This area is rich in innovation centers and home to numerous multinational corporations including Thales, Shell, Philips, Robert Bosch, KLM and Sabic. The region’s innovation areas of expertise are similar to those of the Southwestern US, making it compatible with our network and existing portfolio focus areas.

Biotechnology, Health and Wellness, Clean Technology
USA, Europe
$100k - $10mn
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Christopher Thomas

Co-CEO & Co-founder