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Host Your Own mini Capital On Stage: PITCH36

Capital On Stage is the founder-centric funding conference, created to demystify venture capital while accelerating dealflow between founders and venture capitalists. PITCH36 are localized versions of Capital On Stage with the purpuse of unleashing business opportunities between investors, founders and corporates within emerging startup ecosystems across the globe. The more local events means the faster Capital On Stage can achieve it’s mission to demystify venture capitalism and pollinate emerging startup communities with business and investment opportunities and collaborations.

About Pitch36

Run your own PITCH36

We’re looking for Capital On Stage evangelists to bring the PITCH36 value to your local startup community. If you’ve attended a Capital On Stage event over the years, and you’re excited by the opportunity to bring a PITCH36 into your home town, then we’re interested to hear from you.

All you have to do is:

Step 1 - Apply. By answering some questions about you and your community. We will come back to you within 36 hours and arrange a brief call with you.

Step 2 - Organise. We provide support, but you’re responsible for the organisation, cost, and attendance numbers.

Step 3 - Promote. It’s time to get your hands dirty. 

PITCH36 is a new concept designed to help local ecosystems benefit from the learnings and connections that happen at Capital On Stage conferences.



Running events is not as easy or as glamorous as it might seem. The smoother the event runs, means the more work and more planning there was behind the scenes. If you are not experienced running events, our event management team will be there to support you. What you need to bring to the table is your network, your local knowledge, and time to focus on promoting and running the event. We are here to help you succeed.

What a local hero does

As the official host, organiser and franchise partner of a Capital On Stage, you will produce your own production of Capital On Stage in your city, known as a PITCH36. Once you are approved as a local hero of a particular region or country, you will receive one year licensing contract with right of first refusal for any future events in your region or country.

PITCH36 is a non-profit event which implies that as a local hero you’re fully responsible for your own profit and loss (P&L) and, in case of profit, you will need to reinvest it within the community. All costs incurred for your event production are covered by you. 

The support Capital On Stage will provide

We understand running events are not as easy as they look. To help you run your PITCH36 as smoothly as possible we will provide:

  • A member of our team as your go to person for all things PITCH36. Having run Capital On Stage events before they will be an invaluable resource for advice on event production, marketing and promotion, ticketing, sourcing etc.
  • Full access to our PITCH36 Toolkit with all our best practices described.
  • Access to all the tools and templates you need to get started.  
  • Notifications to all our (international) venture capitalists in our existing community of your upcoming event.

PITCH36 are fully planned and coordinated independently by a local team of key community leaders. A PITCH36 is everything you love about Capital On Stage, only local!

PITCH36 format:

  • Reverse pitching. We put the investors and corporates in the spotlight, asking them to pitch to founders. Each investor has five minutes to present their value propositions and what they are looking for.
  • 30 business opportunities. There are 30 tech founders that will present their product within a 1 min pitch.