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  • Meet the top three Tech All Stars 2015 at Capital On Stage London

    June 26, 2015 by Emily-Jane Shurey


    Tech All Stars is part of Startup Europe, the Commission's plan to accelerate, connect and celebrate local entrepreneurship ecosystems in Europe, so as to keep start­ups in Europe. The top 12 were from the UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Sweden. Tech All Stars brings together startup founders to give them valuable training while taking them to the best startup events including Capital On Stage.

    On London June 30, meet the three founders and find out why there were crowned the best in Europe:

    TripRebel: Carlos Borges, CEO

    TripRebel is the “rebel” in travel booking websites and the concept is simple: book your hotel through the site, which currently lists more than 200,000 properties around the world. It then tracks your reservation for price reductions every day until you check in. If the price drops, you’ll be automatically re-booked at the new rate, and the difference is refunded to your credit card.

    WinnowMarc Zornes, CEO

    Winnow’s mission is to help the hospitality industry cut down on food waste by making the kitchen ‘smarter.’ It does this via the Winnow smart meter, a set of smart scales and accompanying tablet app that lets kitchen staff easily log what food is thrown away. That data is then uploaded to the cloud, analysed by Winnow’s algorithm, and disseminated so that food waste can be reduced.

    Watly: Marco Attisani, WEO

    We create technological solutions powered by clean and renewable energies. They respect and protect the Earth’s ecosystem. They are conceived through innovative design and unconventional engineering approach. We are inspired by the 3rd Industrial Revolu-tion paradigms and its potential.

    November, the Tech All Stars they will take to the stage again at NOAH London to show their progress five months after this enormous investor attention.
    We are very privileged to have these talented pitch winners joining us at Capital On Stage. Let’s see how they go bringing their pitch from 3 min to 30 seconds.

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  • 5 Ways To Convince A Growth Stage Startup To Take Your Money

    Oct. 22, 2014 by Anca Albu

    Now that anyone can benefit from the global growth of entrepreneurial activity, venture capitalists need to show their true added value more than ever – their added value besides the offering of cash.

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  • Sharon Vosmek, Astia: Exclusive Interview with Capital On Stage

    Oct. 22, 2014 by Anca Albu

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  • 6 Reasons Your Startup Should Apply for Capital On Stage NYC

    Oct. 21, 2014 by Anca Albu

    The unconventional conference is coming to Orrick NYC on Oct 30. 200 carefully curated venture capital (VC) firms and growth stage startups will connect.

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  • Andrew Cleland, Comcast Ventures: Exclusive Interview with Capital On Stage

    Oct. 20, 2014 by Arjen Strijker

    Andrew Cleland, Comcast Ventures:  Exclusive Interview with Capital On Stage

    (COS: On behalf of Capital On Stage, we appreciate the opportunity to gain some insight in advance of the event.  We wanted to learn more about you as an individual, beyond your firm and its objectives.  So, how did you get to where you are now and what were you doing before investing? Please tell us about your trajectory.)

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  • How To Pitch An Entrepreneur And Persuade Her To Take Your Cash

    Oct. 6, 2014 by Arjen Strijker

    With the rise of a trillion-dollar crowdfunding market, angel investors bundling their investment offerings, and family offices doing more direct investments, venture capitalists are no longer the only available source for entrepreneurs seeking funding. Now that anyone can benefit from the global growth of entrepreneurial activity, venture capitalists need to show their true added value more than ever, in order to attract the most capable entrepreneurs.

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  • VCs pitching to entrepreneurs - how well do they connect?

    Nov. 11, 2013 by Arjen Strijker

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  • Venture Capital or Corporate Venture Capital - what’s the relevance?

    Nov. 5, 2013 by Arjen Strijker

    Just like any product, there are features and benefits that are more relevant to particular target groups, at particular times. The same can be said for venture capital and corporate venture capital, yet there are some strong views out there, implying one is always better than another. In my opinion, investment deals should be viewed ...

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  • Application Deadline Extended to Midnight Tonight

    Nov. 4, 2013 by Arjen Strijker

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  • Wednesday Pre-conference Meetup New York City

    Nov. 1, 2013 by Arjen Strijker

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  • VC lineup New York!

    Nov. 1, 2013 by Arjen Strijker

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  • Looming Deadlines - 4 days left to apply

    Oct. 31, 2013 by Arjen Strijker

    It is only 1 week before Goodwin Procter open their doors to the second edition to Capital on Stage New York... and we're just as excited as you!

    However, in the spirit of Halloween (did you see Google today?), we need to shock you into realizing that there are only 4 more days to ...

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  • Open Office Hours - Opens Tomorrow

    Oct. 30, 2013 by Arjen Strijker

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  • Listen Up: More Investors Announced

    Oct. 29, 2013 by Arjen Strijker

    Give a big COS welcome to John Stokes and Charlie O’Donnell, who will be joining the stage at Goodwin Procter next Thursday (Nov 7) for the second edition of Capital on Stage New York.

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  • Gender Diversity at Capital on Stage New York

    Oct. 25, 2013 by Arjen Strijker

    With four women confirmed to speak, Capital on Stage is proud to announce that our New York events have the highest representation of women on stage than any of our other conferences.

    It is always hard to find women to welcome on stage; not because they don't want to pitch, quite the contrary, it ...

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