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Info for Investors

Capital On Stage brings investors (VC funds) together with a great selection of growth-stage Internet Startup CEOs/founders who are ready to get funded, seeking €500k-€10m (and every founder needs to provide enough proof before they can buy a ticket). All investors give a five-minute presentation in front of a niche audience of around 150 Founders.

All investors present on stage and are asked to deliver an unravelling five-minute presentation without slides where you briefly explain who you are, your investment strategy, the markets you invest in, and what you bring to the table to support Startups besides cash. This will give Startup Founders better insights in what kind of an investor (or fund) you are. Participating at a Capital On Stage will often result in a more relevant deal flow for you since the company founders will understand more about you and what you’re really looking for. To get an idea of how your VC colleagues presented themselves, have a look at some of the 250+ five minute VC pitches.

Why join

  • At every conference, we limit attendance to 150 (differs per event) Tech Startup Founders ready to get funded between €500k-€10m, and max. 20 Investors tickets are available.
  • No clutter: no consultants, no marketers, no recruiters
  • The few sponsors we have actually participate in the event themselves. Past sponsors include Deloitte, Amazon, PayPal & Google
  • We only invite founders and CEOs of these 150 Internet Startups
  • Our goal is not to come up with your usual suspects; each startup is cherry-picked
  • 150 founders will get to know your firm and you personally
  • During the Open Office Hours in the afternoon, 8 - 12 startup founders book 1-on-1 meetings with you

Please get in touch if you would like to learn more

Investor Price

A VC ticket is priced different, depending on the conference location; exclusive attendance with only 19 other VCs, your pitch on stage, bring 1 colleague along for free, and get your own Open Office Hours with Startup founders in the morning.

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