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Capital On Stage is a data-driven, physical matchmaking platform for venture capitalists, partners and funding-ready founders with a unique twist - the spotlight is on the investors. We're going offline in an online business, disrupting local scenes in the world’s biggest tech hubs with a new global series of invitation-only funding events.

With high quality events for our Partners, VC funds and startup founders we help growth stage companies to get funded and build relationships.

What Capital On Stage Provides





Capital On Stage is a great place for founders of Tech Startups to physically meet different Venture Capitalists.

Up to 200 Startup Founders and 20 Investors are invited per conference, which increases the opportunity of meeting eachother in person. Forget making a long and expensive road-trip to meet investors one by one, as startup founders can meet 20 of them in just one day!

Admission is based on invitation-only and inexpensive for startup founders, so make sure to APPLY to attend at our next conference in your region!

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Capital On Stage brings investors together with a great selection of Tech Startup CEOs/founders that are ready to get funded.

All investors give a five-minute presentation about themselves and the investment opportunties they can offer, in front of a niche audience of aproximately 200 founders that have went through a selection process and have proven to the Capital On Stage team that their startups are ready for investment. 



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Capital On Stage works by invitation only and we exclusively invite up to 20 VC brands and 200 tech startup founders per conference. We also invite big brand services companies to sponsor a Capital On Stage event.

Why? Because once companies get funded they need the immediate support of lawyers, investment bankers, audit firms, management consultants and global IT companies to help them scale their startup.


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Want bring a piece of Capital On Stage in your city?

PITCH36 unleashes business opportunities between investors, founders and corporates.



What is PITCH36?

PITCH36 is a mini version of Capital On Stage where 6 investors and corporates pitch in 5min their value propositions and needs, and 30 startup founders present their products in a 1min pitch. 

With more local events Capital On Stage and PITCH36 can faster achieve it’s mission to demystify venture capitalism and pollinate emerging startup communities with business and investment collaborations.

Run your own PITCH36

We’re looking for Capital On Stage evangelists to bring the PITCH36 value to your local startup community.

If you’ve attended a Capital On Stage event over the years, and you’re excited by the opportunity to bring a PITCH36 into your home town, then we’re interested to hear from you.

How does it work:

Step 1 - Apply. By answering some questions about you and your community. We will come back to you within 36 hours and arrange a call with you.
Step 2 - Organise. We provide support, but you’re responsible for the organisation, cost, and attendance numbers.
Step 3 - Promote. It’s time to get your hands dirty.